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The SoundPlanetarium initiated a research project in 2017 to discover how our planetary Astro-medical-based sound therapy treatments affect the human condition in a structured manner.

We understand very well that sound healing, sound therapy, and working with planet frequency-based treatments impact both the physical and energetic bodies. We can observe this based on the client’s pre-treatment conditions, witnessing both rapid improvements and effects that may be unexpected at the time but later transform into positive results on the client’s physical or emotional condition.

Sound Planetarium Therapy offers a unique approach to healing and well-being by utilizing sound frequencies, often derived from planetary influences, to create a therapeutic experience. It harnesses the power of sound to restore balance, promote relaxation, and enhance overall wellness. This therapy taps into ancient wisdom and modern techniques, aiming to harmonize inwardly. Its effectiveness lies in allowing individuals to resonate on deep auric levels, fostering a sense of inner harmony and peace.

Experience a unique relaxation journey with our applications of Singing Bowl Sound Therapy, enhanced by planet frequencies. Immerse yourself in a serene environment, guided by our seasoned sound therapists with years of hands-on expertise.

Relaxation Treatment

Duration: 1h – 1h 15min
Our most loved relaxation treatment is useful for all kinds of people and ages; a great way to be pampered.

Aura Harmonization

Duration: 1h – 1h15min
This treatment harmonizes subtle bodies and Chakras and allows emotional peacefulness. For all those experiencing stress in human relationships.


Duration: 45min
This treatment is activating inner purification processes of physical and subtle bodies. Detoxification is the Mother of all Healing. The treatment is especially beneficial for all those lacking energy and joy.

JetLag Elixir

Duration: 60min
A wonderfully rejuvenating and relatively short treatment. This treatment is strengthening the entire condition and produces long life. The treatment should be repeated several times over fex 4 days to produce the effect.

Female libido and fertility

Duration: 45 – 65 mins
A treatment to improve female libido and fertility by realigning the female to the moon rhythms. It is activating the female reproductive vitality naturally. A cycle of applications is recommended (fex 4 applications).

PMS, menstrual cycle regulation & vitality

Duration: 60min
A treatment to support women with overcoming the post menstrual syndrome by relaxation and realigning the Aura to the synodic moon rhythm. A way to get through the difficult days of the month by providing amazing pain relief and is gradually leading to a normalization of menstrual cycle

Crisis, an opportunity to unfold Personal Potential

Duration: 60min
A therapy session to boost and beneft individual transformation processes. Especially benefcial in situations of personal crisis, facilitating relief of emotional pain, refection and mature decisionmaking empowering efortless transformations


General Information

How long does a session take?
Between 45-90 minutes

“Please arrive 10 minutes before treatment, and we suggest you allow yourself 15 to 30 minutes post treatment to return”
Can I have more than 1 session a week?
Yes, but we ask you to observe how you feel after the first, as everyone’s experience is different, and you can stop whenever you wish.

“Having 3-4 sessions in a row can have deeper and lasting effects, as shown in our Research”
How many treatments are recommended?
1 session is a great introduction; we then discuss ideas with our clients around their needs.

Treatment sequences of 3-4 treatments often make much sense.

As an example; our PMS treatment would be useful for mild cases to have once a week for the first month, following with 1-2 per month depending on your response and strength of symptoms and results of treatments during your cycle.

In more severe cases it is recommended to give 3-4 treatments a few days before cycle sets in. Repeat for a few months if results are good.
Can I eat before the treatment?
We recommend not eating 2 hours before, as some treatments are laying on your front. Also caffeine might prevent deep meditation states.
How much does a session cost?
Depending on the treatment prices vary in Nepal between $25 – $30
I’m pregnant or just had a baby is sound therapy safe?
Yes this is a safe practice, unless you have been medically told otherwise to avoid.

“Our treatments are extremely relaxing and can be tailored around bumps and your comfort – Bonding & pre birth preparation & Relaxation treatments coming soon

For post birth we may recommend our Aura harmonising or Relaxation treatments both great for reconnection and even our Detoxification treatment, for harmonizing Liver, Kidneys, Gallbladder which will have been under stress during pregnancy.“

Medical Conditions

I have a medical condition, taking regular medication; I have just had an operation or intense drug treatment like chemotherapy
Sound healing therapy, massage, can be a great accompany to any treatment you may be undergoing, or condition you have.

“Today, we have yet to discover any conditions that we have not been able to work with or around to support our clients. Please always seek medical advice if you have a pacemaker or other implants. We can work very well around metal plates in the body.

It is also great for post operation regeneration and immune care especially our Elixir or Detoxification treatments”

Sound Therapy

What is Sound Therapy with Astro-medical concepts?
The SoundPlanetarium practice of sound therapy is based on ancient as well as modern insights into the evolution of the human being in close correlation with rhythms and energetic influences of the universe. Man as a cosmic being is formed through the life rhythms of the universe especially the planetary system.

Core impulses are based on the philosophy of Dr Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophy) and 15th century medical genius ‘Paracelsus’ known to have been the most important medical man of the last millennium. Their philosophies have been moulded into sound energy treatments that target states of union with the universe both energetically and mentally. Hearable sound frequencies that are synonyms for cosmic rhythms have been identified (planet frequencies) and utilized to be targeting human disconnections with their universal origin in order to tune inner systems to reconnect with their cosmic creative sources. Mental and emotional experiences of union with the cosmos are elevated.

SoundPlanetarium treatments are similar to homeopathy. Applying one or a few frequency-based recipes we have a chance to bring about more complete states of resonance with the universe into the human experience which is plagued by suffering. Some treatment target actual symptoms of disease others offer personal growth.

The SoundPlanetarium technique is truly Whole-istic.

Ready to immerse yourself in the soothing realm of Singing Bowl Sound Therapy?

Reserve your session today and begin a transformative journey towards inner harmony and rejuvenation.