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Helen arrived with us in Nepal in early 2017 as an enthusiastic and curious student. Fresh from fulfilling a busy London career she found herself in Nepal recognizing an inner calling for change from western ideologies, towards a more fulfilling life purpose and values.

Today she is an important part of our SoundPlanetarium Sangha (family). After proposing a voluntary internship back in 2017 she has embarked on a research project earning herself a first title of ‘Research minister’ a fun idea from the team.

She says- “This has been a unique opportunity for me to fully immerse myself into the practice and philosophies of Astro-medical sound healing; giving myself the time and the practice attention to really develop as a therapist, whilst being engaged in creative projects and in service to others”

Our always joyous gem spends her time between Nepal, Europe and Indonesia, actively working in collaboration with Peter on new exciting projects to bring SoundPlanetarium technique to a new level.