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Relaxation Treatment

The first sound therapy research project was carried out on our popular ‘Relaxation Treatment’. A holistic treatment that aligns the Chakra system, harmonizes the Aura, whilst re-introducing familiar celestial frequencies deep into the physical body.

Throughout this sound therapy research we made some great discoveries, understanding how our clients benefits from our sound therapy treatments. This is what we found out:
  • Levels of Anxiety reducing
  • Improved behavior patterns – for example decision making, self assurance, reduced frustrations, calmness etc.
  • Lesser tensions in the physical body
  • Reduction in physical pain
  • Energy levels rising
  • Feelings of emotional stability

In our visual analysis of Aura pictures we found in most cases the Aura became more harmonized. See an example later in the presentation.

We also observed that many of the clients went into deep meditative states, seeing colours, and visions also expressing a deep sense of; vastness journeying into the unknown, rest, release and unification with self, and all.


The objective of this research is to validate the positive results on the wellbeing of the clients that received the SoundPlanetarium’s Relaxation Therapy. “Trying to understand the miracles” In this presentation we would like to introduce you to some of our successful findings.


As the Relaxation Therapy is the most requested SoundPlanetarium application, please find here the most relevant research data and interpretations. This 60-90min treatment rebalances the chakra system, whilst harmonizing the Aura in all its subtle levels.



  • Research applications were carried out on 10 persons of mixed age, gender and nationality
  • 4 treatments were administered on consecutive days, same time, same place and conditions, same therapist
  • Utilizing 9 planetary singing bowls
  • Conducted by 3 experienced therapists

Data collection (2 Modalities)

  • Measuring Aura condition with biosensor kit taking readings pre and post each treatment allowing Aura pictures and information to be collected for comparison
  • Personal data collection through questionnaires:

    • pre treatment questionnaire
    • post treatment questionnaire on last day of application cycle

Step 1

We start by exploring various changes with clients that have been recognized After application of 4 treatments of Relaxation Therapy;

Focus was here on emotional, physical, mental and energy levels.

Data Collection

Method 1 – Questionnaire

We were able to produce the following results by collecting personal data with the help of a 7 page questionnaire completed by each client on;
  • Day 1 before receiving the first treatment
  • The last day post treatment after having received the cycle of 4 treatments

What we asked

How do you feel today? On a scale of 1-10
  • Emotionally 1 being highly emotional, 5 being average, 10 feeling very balanced
  • Physically 1 being Weak – 10 Strong
  • Mentally 1 being Distracted (over thinking) to 10 Focused
  • Energy Levels 1 being very tired to 10 being very energized

Understanding initial aggravations

It important to note that sound healing as it is affecting subtle body conditions can promote; energy releases and inner reorganization.

Suchlike changes are not always immediately liked or experienced as improved comfort.

Bowl vibrations can move many aspects within an Aura igniting thoughtfulness and reflection. As a physical result the removal of unwanted toxins and restoration of energy flow can be noticed.

Therefore we understand that some clients conditions may aggravate some symptoms temporally while an upgraded inner condition is developing.

What we found out

The collected data regarding Emotional, Mental, Physical and Energy levels post 4 treatment cycle was very positive. A relatively small amount of clients reported mild aggravations while the larger amount of test persons reported to be more balanced, focused, strong and energized.
It is important to note that even persons that reported declined results are very positive about the Relaxation therapy as the treatments continued to work in the body long after the last cycle session and gradually produce improvements”

As a 2nd theme the questionnaire explored Anxiety, stress, sleep and general behavioral changes

Do you suffer from Anxiety and did it improve across the 4 sessions?

Most of the clienteles reported to experience anxiety, and 7 out of 10 reported improvements after the treatment cycle

It was asked: Do you experience Stress and did it improve across the 4 sessions?

We also asked the clients after 4 sessions – How have you felt before going to sleep this week?


We asked each client what their stress levels where a scale of 1-10 (1 being low stress, 10 feeling very stressed) on Day 1 and again Post treatment cycle. These were the answers given:


The question presented was: Have you been able switch off during the sessions?

“Many of us find it hard to surrender to really allow time to Relax”

Let’s see if our clients managed to drop into a deep sense of relaxation during the session -an impressive 8 out 0f 10 said Yes


We were also interested whether any changes in their behavior were noticed by clients? A large 90% said ‘YES’ with very positive responses, like:
“ I’m feeling more balanced and clearer thinking”

“ I felt lighter an calmness”

“ I’m taking things more easily and not getting so angry”

“ I’m more responsive and present”

“ I have become more patient and content”

There was also a focus on Aches, Pain and Tensions in the body

Do you suffer from body aches and pains?

Where people experience – Aches & Pains in the physical body

Do you suffer from tension in the body?

Where people experienced – Tensions in the physical body

Analysis on Aches & Pain and Tension reporte

Our clients spoke about Aches & Pain and Tensions in predominantly the same areas ; “Shoulders and Neck”

Did you notice anything different about your body condition this week?

Data Collection

Method 2 – Aura Report

The human Aura – our unseen energy body, subtle in nature. An elaborate bio-sensory kit was utilized that produced a 27 page report and Aura photos with each reading. In this way we can take a look at developments and changes of Auras of clients from session to session throughout the treatment cycle, and these are the remarkable results:

Firstly this is what happens to the aura during the sessions?

Aura readings Day 1 pre treatment verses last day post treatment

Aura Size

For many clients an enlargement of Aura size was achieved.

Auras extend by being inwardly more connected and in states of mental union.

Many persons need to experience a trigger experience that leads into an inner personal or spiritual development to achieve a sense of union.

Aura Color

This measure was based on the colors of the aura becoming; either brighter, one color or within a similar spectrum
This is a very good example of how the aura harmonized to almost one color by the end of the last treatment:

Aura base/core colour

These results came from the automatic report generated by our client hand reading on the bio sensory kit being used. Further elaboration coming in a later book.

Conclusion of Relaxation Therapy Research

As you can see across all of research results there is significant impact through application of Relaxation Therapy on clients’ conditions. There is some very clear evidence that the treatment is having positive effects in many aspects of the human condition especially when repeated a few times, which gives SoundPlanetarium technique practitioners further encouragement to apply those treatments to those that are in need.

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Thank you for taking an interest in the research on SoundPlanetarium treatment effects. We are currently developing a larger book that includes background philosophy of the technique that uses Astro-medical concepts as well as some further insights into the research program.

Researcher & Analyst: Helen Bell with application support from Urgen Choedon & Srijana Gurung
Authors: Helen Bell & Peter Effenberger, 2017- 2019