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The SoundPlanetarium embarked on a research project in 2017, to discover how our planetary Astro- medical based sound therapy treatments are affecting the human condition in a consequent structured way.

“We understand very well that sound healing, sound therapy and working with planet frequency-based treatments impacts both the physical and energetic bodies. We can see this depending on the client’s pre-treatment conditions, both fast improvements and effects that may be unexpected at the time but later transforms into positive results on the clients physical or emotional condition”

Our research objective was to expand our understanding of how the sound therapy treatments affect our client’s wellbeing; there were some amazing results:

The first sound therapy research project was carried out on our popular ‘Relaxation Treatment’. A holistic treatment that aligns the Chakra system, harmonizes the Aura, whilst re-introducing familiar celestial frequencies deep into the physical body.
This study spanned 5 months allowing us to administer 2 cycles of 4 day sound therapy treatments. We meet with our clients post their next menstrual cycle to collect valuable insights into how the sound therapy might have impact their PMS symptoms, and general state of emotions, energy and alike.