The SoundPlanetarium embarked on a research project in 2017, to discover how our planetary Astro- medical based sound therapy treatments are affecting the human condition in a consequent structured way.

“We understand very well that sound healing, sound therapy and working with planet frequency-based treatments impacts both the physical and energetic bodies.  We can see this depending on the client’s pre-treatment conditions, both fast improvements and effects that may be unexpected at the time but later transforms into positive results on the clients physical or emotional condition”

Our research objective was to expand our understanding of how the sound therapy treatments affect our client’s wellbeing; there were some amazing results

In the following presentations we would like to introduce you to some of our findings –

Those that were expected as well as those that came as surprises.

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Relaxation Treatment

The first sound therapy research project was carried out on our popular ‘Relaxation Treatment’. A holistic treatment that aligns the Chakra system, harmonizes the Aura, whilst re-introducing familiar celestial frequencies deep into the physical body.

Throughout this sound therapy research we made some great discoveries, understanding how our clients benefits from our sound therapy treatments. 

What we found

–  Levels of Anxiety reducing

–  Improved behavior patterns – for example decision making, self assurance, reduced frustrations, calmness etc

–  Lesser tensions in the physical body

–  Reduction in physical pain

–  Energy levels rising 

–  Feelings of emotional stability

In our visual analysis of Aura pictures we found in most cases the Aura became more harmonized. See an example later in the presentation.

We also observed that many of the clients went into deep meditative states, seeing colours, and visions also expressing a deep sense of; vastness journeying into the unknown, rest, release and unification with self, and all.

To find out more please click the link below or book a treatment to experience the effects of these cosmic forces for yourself.

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Research presentation: Relaxation treatment

PMS, menstrual cycle regulation & vitality treatment

Following the success of the inquiry into the ‘Relaxation treatment’, we extended our research in late 2017 to one of our a more condition specific treatment ‘PMS treatment, with Menstrual cycle regulation & vitality’.

This study spanned 5 months allowing us to administer 2 cycles of 4 day sound therapy treatments.  We meet with our clients post their next menstrual cycle to collect valuable insights into how the sound therapy might have impact their PMS symptoms, and general state of emotions, energy and alike.

We had a remarkable response from our 2 clients:

Both clients as a result of sound therapy had a reduction in PMS symptoms for example; pain, sickness, irritability, and the intensity of their monthly cycle over the research period.

We also saw that on the arrival of Day 1 for their second cycle of  sound therapy treatments that they already had improved data from Day 1 cycle 1, giving us great insight that the treatments are working in the system long after they have been administered.

Our clients gave us great feedback expressing that their overall wellbeing was vastly improved; noticing differences in how they went about their day, noting that taking the time to participate was a real gift to them, recognizing the importance of self care, addressing their condition and gaining much more than just symptomatic relief.

To see the results of our sound therapy study please click the link below or book a session to enjoy the

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Research presentation: PMS, menstrual cycle regulation & vitality treatment