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Module A

Beginner’s Course.

Module A has both practical and intellectual parts and is conducted at the Kathmandu Sound Planetarium venue near the Great Boudhanath Stupa over 3 days from 9.30am till 5pm daily with a 1h. lunch break.

  • Date:

    13-15 Nov. 2024| 11-13 Dec. 2024

  • Time:
    Daily from 9.30am to 5pm.
  • Venue:

    Great Boudhanath Stupa

  • Price:
    NRs 9000/day per person. In total NRs 27000 or about US$ 200

Module A addresses the needs of beginners in sound therapy with singing bowls as well as more experienced therapists that are wishing to include a fascinating and very effective treatment method into their repertoire.

Intellectual topics of Module A include

  • History of Singing Bowl therapy,
  • Origin and forms of bowls,
  • Aura and Chakras,
  • where sickness is coming from,
  • what healing means,
  • why singing bowls are effective,
  • cosmic or astromedical frequencies and why they make sense in sound therapy.
  • The 40 different SoundPlanetarium frequencies and how they are calculated, measured and utilized are explained
Module A
Module A
Module A

The main topic for practicals in Module A is the RELAXATION THERAPY.

The Relaxation Therapy is thaught by experiencing a session, as well as demonstration and practice. Trainees are enabled to benefit their clients indiscriminately of conditions whether physical or emotional. The relaxation therapy can serve as a support for many other therapy methods as well.

Before all healing the most essential thing is to relax. The Buddha’s shortest and most concise as well as comprehensive dharma teaching is ‘ RELAX ’. Relaxation must be achieved before a person can reflect internally and see one’s own condition more clearly.

It is the basis for all other efforts of therapy. Without calming down and relaxing physical as well as emotional problems are not recognized clearly and confusion about the condition and painfull states rule the situation.

A relaxed person can take a step back from pain and look at it unbiased. Only then awareness for the own condition and its resolutions can be developed. Relaxation is certainly the foremost important f irst step to healing emotional wounds that somehow each of us experiences.

The SoundPlanetarium Relaxation Therapy is a treatment where 7-9 singing bowls with astromedical frequencies are used in a rhythmic sequence of placing and playing that can last from 60-80min. The frequencies are selected along a chart and assembled in a set of bowls in order to replicate far away cosmic movements and igniting harmony in the human Aura and body. The actual combination of frequencies and the moving of bowls along, near and on the body has a wonderfully soothing effect and many people experience the deepest form of relaxation ever had. The relaxation therapy works very powerful against stress, insomnia and is truly rejuvenating. During Module A the practicals enable trainees to give such relaxation treatments professionally to others.

Already after 10-15 given treatments the quality of treatments given are very high indeed. Trainees will receive a Certificate for participation and a manual for practice and textbook. The relaxation therapy is simple to learn, very effective, really auspicious for clients and lots of fun.

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