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Module B

Advance Course.

SoundPlanetarium Module B has both practical and intellectual parts and is conducted at the Kathmandu Sound Planetarium venue near the Great Boudhanath Stupa over 4 days from 9.30am till 5pm daily with a 1h lunch break.

  • Date:

    17-20 Nov. 2024 | 15-18 Dec. 2024

  • Time:
    Daily from 9.30am to 5pm.
  • Venue:

    Great Boudhanath Stupa

  • Price:
    NRs 9000/day per person in total NRs. 36000 or about US$ 250.

Module B addresses the needs of already experienced sound therapists that wish to deepen their understanding on important topics related to the well-being of people and potentials for therapy applications using singing bowls. Only former participants of Module A are accepted for these exceptional topics. Especially the intellectual topics have proven to be prizeless gems for therapists from all walks of methods.

Intellectual topics of Module B include

  • What is therapy- a central discussion for all therapists?
  • Human Biography work inspired by Dr. Rudolf Steiner -this topic deals with the 7 year life cycles that each bring with them unique life processes togehther constituting the unfolding of the human archetype and we are focusing on the questions : ‘Who are we’ ‘What is Life about’ and ‘What is Health’
  • Aura and Chakras and their relationship with the cosmos and development during life.
  • Paracelsus Medicine – the ancient astromedical approach of Paracelsus and its metaphysics (The basics of Paracelsus Medicine, the 5 causes of sicknesses, the importance of sun and moon, the draconic nutation and the 7 lights in nature and its relevance for sound therapy with singing bowls).
Module B
Module B
Module B
Practical topics include: In Module B the practical content is focusing on 6 different treatments adressing defined health conditions. These are based on the astromedical concepts given by Paracelsus, the 15th centrury medical genius. Trainees are enabled to apply these treatments in order to benefit clients substantially . Physical as well as emotional processes can be benefitted and they can either be used as sole treatments or in combination with other therapy methods such as Homeopathy and many others. The treatments are called ‘Elixir of Life’, ‘Detoxification’, ‘Aura Harmonization’, ‘Crisis as a Potential’, ‘Female Libido & Fertility’ and ‘Vitality-Menstrual cycle regulation-PMS’. They provide a great variety of treatments for professionals in therapy, massage studios and Spa ventures etc.

In Module A the main focus in the practical part is on handling singing bowls professionally and a treatment called Relaxation Therapy. The Module B practical parts are focusing on 6 treatments that are based on the astromedical concepts of Paracelsus. These Paracelsus treatments are demonstrated section by section and then trained by participants under the guidance of experienced practitioners.

The Sound Planetarium Paracelsus Therapies are treatments where 6-10 singing bowls with astromedical frequencies are used in a sequence of placing and playing that can last from 60-90min. The frequencies are choosen along the medical concepts of Paracelsus and his recipes: These frequencies are assembled in sets of bowls in order to be able to replicate cosmic interactive movements that have been essential in the development of the human form altogether. The life of a human individual develops along an archetype and the recipes are geared to harmonize inner deficiencies of individuals with the cosmic rhythms and reinstate inner conditions so that life can unfold more naturally, in tune with the cosmos.

The human Aura is resonating with the cosmic vibrations especially the planets and the sun. The combination of astromedical frequencies produced by singing bowls and the movements of bowls along, near and on the body have an effect on the Aura and can resolve physical, emotional and mental disharmonies. Paracelsus used planet qualities innate to plants & minerals in order to harmonize human-cosmos relationships energetically as well as in consciousness. The Sound Planetarium is using vibrations of bowls as a tools to replicate Paracelsus Medicine. Module B practical training enables trainees to give Paracelsus treatments professionally to others and they are enabled to support transformation and healing processes by understanding the archetypal unfolding of human life and our relationship with the cosmos. They can professionally apply the SP treatments. Trainees will receive a Certificate for participation.

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