Welcome to the SoundPlanetarium Academy we have been running Annual Sound Therapy training in Nepal since 2007.

We invite Sound Therapist, Sound healers and other practitioners of all levels that wish to learn a new technique.

Here at the Academy you will be introduce to:

  • An advance technique of Sound Therapy with singing bowls.
  • Planet frequencies, and celestial movements.
  • Practical techniques and the SoundPlanetarium 7 treatments.
  • Tools to support your practice
  • Teachings of Dr Rudolf Steiner (Anthroposophy) and medical genius ‘Paracelsus’, Hindu philosophy and more.
Training Modules

There are 3 Modules available that can develop you from a beginner to a teacher.

Beginners course Module A: is for sound therapist and other practitioners wishing to add a new technique to their repertoire. You will be introduced to our popular ‘Relaxation treatment’ and follow key topics: History of Sound Therapy, the foundation of Frequency, our energy body the ‘Aura’ and more.

Advance course Module B: is for graduates of Module A, experienced sound therapist and other therapists wishing to deepen their knowledge of therapy, and the human condition. You will learn an additional 6 treatments, with key topic to support for example: Human Biography.

Teacher training Module C: this course is for experienced SoundPlanetarium practitioners who wish to become a SoundPlanetarium Teacher. Tools and guidance given to hold tutorials and run a practice.

Course program

Morning seminars are held by the founder and Anthroposophist Peter Effenberger. He shares important ancient and modern insights into how we can support the wellbeing of others.

Afternoon seminars are for practical training. Our experienced therapists will demonstrate our techniques and treatments. Following this you will have time to practice on your fellow students.

Join our Sound Therapy training in Nepal. We look forward to hearing from you.

Further to this information our course outline can be found under ‘Training modules‘, and all inquiries can be made with us through ‘Contact us’.