The SoundPlanetarium store’s home is in the world capital for singing bowls, ancient Kathmandu. It lies amongst many Tibetan Buddhist monasteries near one of the eight most holy Buddhist pilgrimage sites  the ‘Great Stupa of Boudhanath’.
Within this mystical environment we specialize since 1998 in the export of top quality Planet Singing Bowls and supply the most important sound therapy specialists in Europe.
Antique as well as new made bowls can be selected or ordered. We assure we have only best quality for therapeutic applications at reasonable prizes. The SoundPlanetarium Academy trains here since 2007 the most advanced astro-medical Sound therapy applications to numerous participants regularly.
Treatments can also be booked here.

Peter Effenberger

is a german living since 1996 in Nepal. Being an Anthroposophist, Buddhist, Reiki teacher and singing bowl wholesaler has led him to become the Founder of the SoundPlanetarium as well as Founder of the first biodynamic farm of Nepal, the ‘Land of the Medicine Buddha’.
‘And still growing’, as he says with a big smile.
Peter (Chökyie Rinchen) is shipping singing bowls around the world since 1998. Since 2004 he is experimenting with a fusion of ancient healing techniques with modern approaches.
He has developed the astromedical concepts on sound therapy with singing bowls and is the main teacher of the SP Academy. He brings a wealth of 20 years teaching experience with him.
He says- ‘now in my sixties I understand- selflessness is the solution for all’.

Choedon Lama

was born in the heights of the Himalayas in a remote tiny village nearby the Tibetan border into a Buddhist family. At the age of 10 she moved with her family to Kathmandu in order to live near their monastery and in 2008 she has joined the SoundPlanetarium. She is now the most experienced practitioner and has done 2000plus treatments for people. Chödon is responsible for the SoundPlanetarium store and is the main assistant in the Academy trainings.
She is very gifted and a wonderful blessing, that graces the art of sound therapy, says Peter.

Srijana Thapa

Is a self-motivated young mother that joined the SoundPlanetarium in 2010. Her welcoming and confident nature has helped her to gain great insights into the world of sound therapy with singing bowls. Now having given many hundreds of treatments she has become a secure therapist and forms a team with Chödon taking care of the SoundPlanetarium store, as well as during Academy seminars.
Its amazing, now she has really got it all, style and confidence- says Peter.